Audeze LCD-XC Preset sounds strange [LCD-XC preset has been updated]

I was happily surprised to see this in the latest update. Thanks, Roon team! I have XCs on my main Roon setup and I was pretty shocked at how the XC setup sounded. It sounded muddy and veiled with (to my ears) a dramatic reduction in soundstage. I flipped through the other presets and they sounded fine, based on what I remember about how they sounded from CanJam early this year.

Any other LCD-XC owners feel the same way or is it just me?

Agreed. The LCD-XC preset sounds muddy relative to the other LCD presets with my LCD-XCs via Meridian Prime Amp/DAC (with ASP enabled/disabled). I strongly prefer the use of no preset over the LCD-XC preset. As you say, the rest of the LCD presets sound fine - but the LCD-XC preset just doesn’t sound right.

Thanks for the feedback. We noticed an error in the XC preset and it will be fixed in a few days.


I take it that all the Audeze presets are for the post 2016 updated Audeze headphones.
My LCD-XC are 2015.
Are presets being made available for all models prior to the current 2016 headphone driver design

The presets are for Fazor version of all Audeze models. Both pre and post 2016 versions will benefit from the presets.

I’m using pre-fazor LCD-3, Thanks anyway…

I had briefly tested with pre-fazor LCD-2/3. I like it, but it is a bit more subjective in the treble region. We were quite careful in designing the presets so that it would not sound ‘worse’ after applying presets on pre-fazor versions. How do you like it?

not tried yet, I still waiting my Headphone Amp!

Adding some more information:
The ear pad geometry, and the magnetic circuit design play a huge part in the sound signature. The LCD series both pre and post Fazor retain all of this except for the addition of the Fazor anti-diffraction structure that provides better treble extension and imaging.

Because the post and pre fazor versions share a lot of their sound signature, I expect many would like the presets for the pre-fazor versions too.

@Kerwin_Adduru, @that_guy, @denniswaugh, @Dorwin_Shields – Again thanks everyone for the feedback. An updated preset for LCD-XC is now available, all you have to do is restart your core so that the new presets are fetched.


Thank you for the swift response and the heads up on the updated preset.
I’ll try it tomorrow morning.

Thanks for the quick response and update. The new XC preset sounds great!