Audeze Preset Art

@Kman I have used the preset with my EL-8C, like it (not yet had a chance to try with the LCD-3).

But a question: I sometimes use a regular 3.5 mm cable with a Geek Out, but I also have a Cipher Lightning cable for use with iPeng on the iPad. I think I read that the Cipher cable does its own DSP for the cans. Should the Roon preset be used with the Cipher cable?

The Cipher cable for EL-8 and EL-8C have a gentle bass boost (Low shelf) at 120Hz, Q = 1, and gain 3dB and nothing else. My suggestion would be turn on the Roon preset, but if you feel the bass gets too boomy or bleeds into mids, use the PEQ option of Roon to put a -3dB low-shelf with Q = 1 at 120Hz.

Back in town, will do some experimentation.

Amazing info - thanks for sharing these details.

Is it just me that finds it odd that the Audeze artwork is displayed even if the Audeze preset is disabled or the whole DSP engine is disabled? That seems misleading, implying the preset is being applied when it isn’t.

The art identifies the device, not the DSP settings.
Roon can use the selection of an Audeze preset as an indication of what headphones you use, which is otherwise not known.
If you turn off DSP, the headphones are still there.
In my case, when I deselect the Audeze preset (not just disable it), which presumably means I use some other headphones, the art changes back to my DAC/headphone amp.

Seems reasonable to me.