Audible clicks between tracks

I’m noting a faint but quite noticeable click between tracks. Is there a preference or other setting that I can tweak to make this go away? Something like gapless playback? Other ideas?

Hi @Rick_Trautner,

Can you let us know a little more about your setup, and what kinds of files you’re having this problem with?

QNAP notebook NAS, AIFF and DSD files. Server is Audio Alchemy DMP-1. DAC is Berkeley Reference feeding Constellation electronics.

Hi again, thanks for your reply … can I trouble you for a little more specific information.

[quote=“Rick_Trautner, post:3, topic:17505, full:true”]
QNAP notebook NAS[/quote]What is the model number and how much RAM is fitted?

[quote=“Rick_Trautner, post:3, topic:17505, full:true”]
AIFF and DSD files.[/quote]Do you only hear the click when switching format or sample rate?
What happens when playing a gapless album like Dark Side of the Moon?
(Roon should seamlessly make the transition across tracks.)

[quote=“Rick_Trautner, post:3, topic:17505, full:true”]
Server is Audio Alchemy DMP-1[/quote]In Roon speak this is a Roon Ready network bridge running an integrated Roon Bridge. Where is the Roon Core running?

Also how are all these devices connected including LAN / WiFi equipment?

QNAP TBS-453A-8G w/4 1TB M2 SSD

It appears the clicks do not happen on HiRes downloads but only on older CD rips. Newer CD rips are OK. Much of my older collection was ripped by a service. I do my own rips more recently via dB Poweramp. FWIW, I did not hear these clicks when playing the same files from my Aurender S10.

Roon Core also runs on the QNAP. Connected to LAN via Ethernet cable, as is the Audio Alchemy server.


Hi again,

That’s interesting, as a test could you perform a FLAC to FLAC re-encode of a couple problem albums using dBpoweramp’s batch encoder.

If that fixes the issue, I suggest re-encoding all your older rips. If not that I suspect someone at Roon will want to look at a couple of those albums.