Audio Alchemy DMP-1 : Uncertified?

Is an update required to have the AA DMP-1 show as certified vs uncertified in Audio Setup? I saw the post on FB about the DMP-1 but mine still shows as Uncertified.


Since it’s announced recently, I think full certification will show after the next update of the Roon apps. I guess @brian can confirm or deny. :wink:

@RBM is right, it will reflect as certified as of the next Roon update.

Great, Thanks!

@brian, is there any chance the AA DDP-1 will become a Roon tested DAC and be identified in the signal path in this update as well?

That’s up to AA–if they want to send one to us, we are happy to test it.

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Thanks. I’ve voiced my opinion to Peter at AA.

I’ve emailed Peter too :slight_smile:

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Let me ask if anyone is using the DMP-1 with a Mac. I would like to know if the OS can see the individual USB outputs on the DMP-1 and/or if ROON can.

Just to clarify, you want multiple usb connections from one Mac to the DMP-1?

Nope. I want one Ethernet link from ROON to DMP-1 and use of the 3 USBs in the DMP-1 for multichannel. On the Mac, one can assemble 3 hub-connected USB outputs into a virtual 5.1 output but I do not know if the Mac can see the 3 DMP-1 USB outputs.

Ah, ok. I’ll give it a try tonight and let you know :slight_smile: Certainly Roon see’s the different Interfaces, so USB & I2S but Ive not tried multiple USB outputs.

If you can see the three USB outputs as individuals, that’s all I need to know.