Audio analysis blocked

Is it possible that the audio analysis cannot identify songs because files other than .mp3 or .wav in the music folders have been deleted?
Please @support

Hi @Rego,

Just to clarify here, is it just that an album (or some albums) are not being identified by Roon?

Can you share screenshots of a specific example?

@support. What I did is that I deleted all the .sfv and the .m3u files to keep only the mp3 of a big number of music files. Doe this affect audio analysis? as you see, I am not good in pc matters.

Hi @Rego,

When making changes to files it is possible that Analysis would be triggered. Is Analysis still being performed? Is it “stuck” or is it progressing?

it is progressing but during a long period of time it stays at the same number.@dylan

Hi @Rego,

Thanks for clarifying that. Since it is progressing it sounds like things should be okay.

Depending on how many albums you have and how many files we are analyzing it can take some time. Can you confirm how many tracks total you have in your library? Can you share a screenshot of the window showing what is being scanned?

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