Audio analysis doesn't complete

Roon Core Machine

HP 250 G7, Windows 10 Pro, 8GB RAM, Intel core i7-8565U

Networking Gear & Setup Details

TP link router devolo powerline

Connected Audio Devices

Native instruments komplete audio 6 and Mackie onyx 12 USB mixer. Bowers and Wilkins Formation devices (1 ‘Audio’ 2 ‘Flex’ and 1 'Wedge).

Number of Tracks in Library

20000 tracks

Description of Issue

Roon is constantly syncing 2 tracks and never finishes. I am not clear if this is then affecting other playback and processing issues (random stops and skils mostly). This is similar to other issues that are now closed on the support page and I have looked at the threads but can’t see what the solution is (how to identify the tracks is the obcviuos question). I have rebooted roon, the computer and the router but no change. I have also re-installed roon but it made no difference (the one thig I haven’t done is started a new library but that would entail starting roon from new again so I;m hoping this can be resolved

Here’s a screen shot of the analyis. Leaving roon on and running with nothing else going on for several days doesn’t make any difference.

any ideas on how to fix gratefully received!


@domocon - I can’t tell why this happens - but it happens from time to time.

When it happens to me I use “Off” and close Roon. When I start Roon again and reactivate “Throttled”, than it is gone.



Thanks Torben,

I tried this. It didn’t immediately work going straight back to the ‘2 cores’ setting but if i selected ‘throttled’ then the ‘2 cores’ it seems to have settled. I will monitor.



It happens occasionally - JUST REBOOT , it clears

It’s maybe a corrupt track or something

Another option.

Turn Audio Analysis to OFF. Then turn on On-Demand Audio Analysis to Throttled. This sets Roon to only do Audio Analysis on files you are about to play, if they have not yet been analyzed.

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