Audio Analysis keeps getting stuck

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Rock 7i7 16gb ram, 1tb ssd music

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When adding a larger batch of new files I notice that background analysis and gets stuck at the last 1 and won’t move on. I have to stop background analysis by setting it to none or have to reboot and then it clears. If I add in another largish batch it will happen again and get stuck on last one. I have to repeat the process again. It only happens on adding new files and it’s becoming a little tiresome.

Roon shows no corrupt files or missed files. I notice there are other threads on this and other members I have spoke to it’s happened to them.

Be good to get a proper resolution to this issue as it’s been a round for some time.


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I have a similar issue on a Mac mini M1 (w/ 16GB RAM), i.e. when I click on Settings → Library I frequently find that background analysis seems to be stuck on one or two files. I say ‘seems to be’ because when I turn off background analysis and then re-enable it, nothing happens. My assumption has been that the analysis has finished and it’s just the notification that’s stuck, not the analysis itself.

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Agreed it gets in a loop.

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Just added some more this morning 3 albums and its done it again stuck at last two this time

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+1 here

Similar issue.

Other than to say, fine last night @01:00, @06:30 FUBAR.

New (to me) CDs were ripped to a USB m.2 SSD several hours before 01:00 and Roon and Arc were in full working condition. New content had been analysed.

Nothing was added or removed between 01:00 & 06:00.

Second time in a week. Multiple times getting stuck during the last 12 months. Now worse as renders whole machine unusuable and a force power shutdown is required.

Windows 11
16gb RAM
OS on a Kingston 240gb SSD
Music on a Samsung 980 Pro 1tb m.2 in a USB caddy

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After another Roon server restart, adding one album at a time and setting it to Throttled it seems to have done it with out getting stuck. Will try with multiple folders again and on throttled to see if its the core setting causing it or just bulk folders. I usually have it set at 1 core.

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That reminds me.

Always set to throttled.

My process
Rip cd. Analyse. Wait until stopped
And so on.

By the time dbPoweramp has ejected the CD and I’ve removed my headphones and moved my ass from my sofa to the computer analysis has completed.

On the same machine Plex runs smooth as butter. So has LMS and other bits and pieces. I know Roon is a different beast to others. But I don’t think this is hardware related.

If you have spare cores no reason not to use more. But it does seem to fail when you do so. I know I have spare and when it’s running I am not using Roon.

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Hi @Simon_Arnold3,

I wondering if having a consistent number of files in the library when the AA starts is a factor.
As test, next time you have a large batch of files to add to Roon library, could you:

  • Switch off background Audio Analysis
  • Copy over all the files
  • Wait for Roon to import them
  • Switch on background Audio Analysis

Having this datapoint may help Roon track down the root cause.

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I can give that a go with my next big batch which I have waiting just needs some artwork adding as all Classical not in AllMusic or MusizBrainz.

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You ripping direct to Roons watched folders?

Okay just transferred over 32 files with Analysis disabled then enabled after all in Roon as Throttled and it went through ok. I guess next batch I will try it with 1 core for analysis.

Yes and I possibly see where your coming from here :+1:

Been watching this as I rip. The way I see it, dbPoweramp doesn’t release the album/tracks until fully completed. I’ve been watchin (like paint dry) the folders where I’ve been ripping into. Only finalises upon completion of the rip. That’s the way I see it.

So once complete Roon analysers the album from the watched folder. By the time I get up and swap out the CD, analysis has completed. I’ve been ensuring all CD versions and album art is correct before ripping to help the process. Especially with boxsets.

I have logged out of Tidal and Qobuz prior to last night’s 10 disc boxset ripping. As I wanted to eliminate that having a cause (hindered last time).

I may take @Carl 's advice.
Turn off background AA
Rip to a new folder (not watched).
move to watched folder.
Wait until imported.
Turn on background AA.


Although, I’ve had this issue before but with Tidal and/or Qobuz. Odd.

Dont rip direct its bad practice as Roon will get its nickers in a twist seeing the wavs first then the flacs and often wont see them as a whole album. Rip then move them or copy them.


I hear you on the bad practice. I should know better, laziness I guess.

I rip to WAV, I can afford the storage space for now :face_with_peeking_eye:.

Second hand info, so take it at that, but my buddy had this problem. He said he realized he had a corrupt music file that hung the audio analysis. Somehow he found out what file it was hanging on and deleted the file. Problem went away.

Thanks for the input but It hangs on different files each time. If I add 10 new songs it gets stuck at 9/10 if I add 22 songs it gets stuck at 21/22. If you don’t stop the analysis inbetween this by setting it to none or restarting Roon server, behaviour changes. So if I add another 15 the count then goes from 21/22 to 35/37 as it fails on last one of this batch. So I don’t think this is the issue. Also if I add smaller batches and have it at throttled it doesn’t do it.

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