Audio analysis keeps stopping at 2 files

for some reason 2 files always stop audio analysis.

This would not be a problem, but that causes the analysis not to start the analysis of new files added. Only after a couple of stopps and re-starts the new files get all analized, appart from the 2 problem cases.

I’ve seen audio analysis get hung up when I adding new HD content. I wasn’t able to figure out a pattern to make it happen. Restarting Roon Server always solved it for me.

Are you saying it’s two files because of what Roon is displaying in app, or because you’ve identified the exact files by some other means?

BAlso seeing this. Have two unidentified tracks when click on the spinner which continually spins. Have disabled the storage locations in order and found where the files are and left it disabled. It doesn’t make any difference if I turn analysis off. Spinner keeps on keeping on.

Edit: this only started after last update

I say 2, because after noumerus starts and stops, the counter always shows analyzing 0/2. I never get beyond this point.

I was searching the logs, whether the filename appears, but I couldn’t find it

Hey @Martin_Kogel,

Sorry for late response here, are you still having problems with audio analysis ?


Yes, still the same picture

Hey @Martin_Kogel – I just sent you a PM with instructions for gathering some more information here. Give it a read and let me know how it goes.