Audio analysis of tidal tracks in realtime for future times

if I’ve listened tidal track (or usually whole album - i’m casual full-album listener) - it is already streamed down to CORE, so why I’m not seeing loudness range and audio level graph in interface - on next visit to that same album?
it will be nice to have feature IMHO


I’ve already somewhere suggested that. That would be such an obvious feature for version 1.0…

I tought that is was only true for track owned on network, not on TIDAL.

Enno the founder and CEO of Roon explains why this is currently not possible in the podcast interview on AudioPhile Style. Not as simple as you might think.

maybe you expand a little?
as a hacker - i see no tech difficulty in that. i think licensing terms prevent any data usage other than playback…

Listen to the pod cast it’s linked in another thread on the forum.