Audio analysis seems to be moving slowly

@support I have this problem : the audio analysis is blocked or very very slow. If I put the speed at 5 or more, it goes fast but at THrottled it seems to stay blocked. The CPU temperature is too high if I put the speed at even 1. So what can I do?

Buy a faster core machine in not too many words

BUT you can perhaps detail here how big is your library and what hardware spec is your core running on? Plus where is you library located - local drive or over lan/WiFi

Hello wizardofoz Mr Fix it
Here is my pc : Intel Core i7 CPU920@2.67GHZ
Nvidia geforce 1050Ti
SSD boot drive 250G

So you think I should change my pc to use Roon correctly?
Here are the minimal recommandations from Roon site:
Recommended Hardware
Intel Core i3, Ivy Bridge+
SSD boot drive
1440 x 900 Resolution
Could you please give me more info about your solution?

I have lots of songs on internal and external hdds all connected on my pc.

Thank you

Based on the minimum spec this cpu is a way off.

If the performance you are getting is not ideal this could be the reason. But more specific details about your connected drives might help. USB-1 and slow I/O etc will contribute to a sub optimal Roon experience.

Hello wizardofoz
Thank you very much. I understand now very well why it does not go fast. As you said, I will have to buy a faster core! Which one? Big question.
What is strange and that I do not understand is that I use my pc with Photoshop and Ableton and many other softwares and everything go fine, really fine. I imagine that it will go better with a new core but I still have a question if you have time to answer me : how come everything works fine now with my pc even with that old core which is very old? Note that I am not a gamer.
I thank you again.

Perhaps try the core on another machine first … but old hardware is often a bottleneck. You can turn off the audio analysis and see if that helps too.

Thank you wizardofoz.
Roon functions well in general.
It is just the audio analysis that takes time and I have so many tracks.

This is normal on throttle. When you said it seems to be blocked, I first thought it isn’t working at all.

But you’re saying it is working, but just slow? If so, that’s normal on throttle.

Overheating of the cpu on throttled could be something as simple as the fan and Heatsinks a choked with dust- typical of an older system that’s probably never been cleaned out of years of dust.

Thank you Sean2016 and wizardofoz.