Audio Analysis stuck on MP3 folder

I have tried all other solutions regarding audio analysis sticking, but these have not got past this problem.

I have two upper tier folders - HD and MP3. The HD folder contains DSD, FLAC, ALAC etc and these have all been analysed successfully.

The MP3 folder, obviously, contains the low resolution MP3 files and some OGG I guess (quite an old and large collection). Roon has got stuck on a file, but no way to tell WHICH file it is unless we have a log file somehwere in the system.

Does such a file exist?


On Windows the log files are located in : C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\Roon\Logs\

On a Mac look in /Users//Library/Roon/Logs/


Thanks, Carl.

Now…which log file and any particular strings to search for in order to find the last MP3 file analysed?

Hi @Timewart - sorry for the trouble here. I’d like to take a look at your log file, then I’m sure we can figure out the file that’s causing an issue here.

I’ll send you a PM about how to send in the logs, and we’ll go from there.


Any luck finding the file?

Hey @Timewart – the logs aren’t as clean cut as I was hoping. Can you let me know what you’re seeing:

  • when you restart the app
  • when you turn audio analysis off and on again

Try those two tests, then go ahead and use the same ID I gave you to send us some more logs. Hopefully things are a little more clear cut then.

Thanks and sorry for the trouble here!

Hi Mike

I backed up the MP3 folder, shfted the contents of the original folder to the roon watch folder, deleted the original folder, switched scanning off and then on and…

…currently creeping through the remaining files! At the moment it’s 600 and counting out of 3736. An improvement on the 4400 or so when it was stuck.

Will let it trawl through (on Fast), go to work and report back at the end of the day :smile:



Absolutely love Roon - signed up for the year and have also added Tidal (with its ANNOYING inability to search for classical music, but that’s true for most of these services).

Taking the two together, I know have a reasonably HiRes universal music library. Cool!!! Great finding Flac versions of my MP3 albums and the ability to switch DACs on the fly within Roon is, ouch, an absolute boon :smile:

BTW - ‘Roon’ is such an odd name. Where on Earth did that come from?

Stuck again on 2025…

…sent the support logs to you.

Odd one.

Thanks @Timewart – I’ve got them and we’re going to analyze them over the next day or two. Will follow up as soon as I have more information.

Can you confirm whether you’re using organized or watched folders?

Watched for HD (all been analysed OK)
Recently shifted MP3 to the roon organised folder. Analysed a couple of
thousand more then halted.