Audio device Dali Sound Hub not found any more

I’ve been connecting 2 Bluesound devices to Roon for quite some time now. As of today one of them (Dali Sound Hub) is not connected to Roon anymore. In the Bluesound app I can still find both devices and they are working correctly. In Roon the remaining device (Pulse Mini) still works properly.
Attached a picture of the Roon setup and of the Bluesound setup.

Have you rebooted the roon server?

Yes, I did.

I suppose I have to add @support to get response from Roon?

I would start a new support ticket and fill in the information asked for in the form. Then you won’t be delayed when they come back and ask for it.
The support threads are more closely monitored.

Hi Erik,

Please open up a support thread in the #support category of this site, this section is meant for discussion not troubleshooting technical issues, thanks!