“Audio Device Error” Comes Up When Using Roon ARC with Widex Hearing Aids

I installed Roon ARC on my iPhone 14. The installation seemed to go smoothly and quickly. But when I select an album, which loads nicely, I get the following error message every time: Audio Device Error! Anybody know what that means and how to fix it?

Hi Jacob,

I don’t have any idea about that error as I do not use iPhones. But, I am moving your post to the Support section so that support will see it.


Thank you!

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I received the Audio Device Error message while I was using my hearing aids through the Accessibility settings on my iPhone 11 Pro with iOS 16.0. When I disabled the hearing aids, ARC worked without any problems with my AirPods Pro. Perhaps other Bluetooth audio devices are incompatible as well…

I too wear hearing aids by Widex. When I tried Roon ARC without them in my ears, it worked just fine. I will experiment with this situation by plugging in a pair of headphones with the amp/DAC installed in the cable. Perhaps if Roon ARC thinks I’m listening to headphones rather than my hearing aids, it will work as well. I’ll let you know.

And for the people at Roon support, is there a way to make my Widex hearing aids compatible with Roon ARC?

I’m also receiving this error message when using Oticon More 1 hearing aids connected to my iPhone via the accessibility setting. ARC works fine when I disconnect them. Does anyone have a solution?

What I have found is that you don’t need to disconnect your hearing aids from your phone. You just need to choose a compatible listening device like AirPods or another Bluetooth-enabled pair of headphones to put over your hearing aids in order to listen to your chosen music. The point is you have to choose another listening device other than your hearing aids in order for ARC to work.

I just bought the Oticon More1hearing aids and.could use ARC with my iPad but got the same error message on my iphone 12. I’ll contact Oticon.

Arc will (probably) work if you go into Settings>Acessibility>Hearing Devices>Audio Routing>Media Audio. Set the option to ‘Never Hearing Devices’

It works with my Widex Momentum 440s and I see no reason it should not work with other Apple compatible devices.

I get the same error message with apple earpods.

Edith: today as soon as I connect a device via Bluetooth. That never happened before.

Edith2: Restarting the iPhone helped. everything works fine now.

Hi @Jacob_Ofman1,

This is a known missing feature. Hearing aids that do not utilize the standard BT connectivity but connect via Apple accessibility are generating this error.

This is something that Roon is aware of and is on the roadmap to correct for our users.

Thank you for your patience in this.


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