Audio device have disapeared

ROON Core on NAS QNAP TVS 473e (PC under WINDOWS10 / X86 //Roon version : 1.7 build 667)

After months everything working fine, recently all my asio waspi audio device i used to see when playing music with the ROON app on my personal computer have disapeared and no sound is coming out of the speakers. The only audio device left (alsa) are those on the NAS where the ROON CORE is instaled.
Trying to find out what was going wrong I had the audio device asio and wasapi back on the screen in the ROON configuration page very shortly for a few seconds and that was all before they disapeard again. I don’t know what to do to have them back again

When using the QOBUZ app I can see all my asio and wasapi audio device and the sound comes out the speakers.

My Network
My PC Windows 10 goes ethernet RJ45 to à CISCO 2960 switch. From the same switch CISCO 2960 two RJ 45 cables go : one to the router LIVEBOX5 and the other to the NAS QNAP TVS 473.

Hope you can help me to resolve this problem

Best regards Bernard

Have you had any windows updates install?

Hi @Bernard_DUBA,

As Ged suggested, it’s possible that Windows updates caused an issue here. If you temporarily disable the machine’s firewall is there any change?

Hello dylan, ged_hickman1,

Thanks for your support,
With out doing anything I had a look at the ROON application just à few seconds ago and miracle everything is back again to normal. I have no explanation for this come back, hope it will stay as it is.
I am very glad to hear the music again on my PC WINDOWS 10.

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Hello @Bernard_DUBA, glad things are working again! Please let us know if you have any further issues.

Hello nuwriy,
Yes I am very happy things are working again. when I saw things were working again I immediatly have done a ROON BACKUP so I will eventually be able to solve the problem if it comes back, hope not.

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