Audio device in use - exclusive mode

Synology DS918+ DSM 624-25556
Mc mini M1 - 13.3.1 - 16 GB -

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Hi, I am trying to enable the “exclusive mode” but always getting the answer “audio device in use” How do i find out which device is in use to stop it?
I am using also ipad or iphone or a different iMac (only to control). Do I have to uninstall the other devices?
Appreceate any help.


You most likely have an application open somewhere that is holding your audio device open on the Synology. Someone streaming from the nas using a different app? Synology has an audio center server that could be conflicting. Maybe disable other audio programs on the nas?
You should not need to uninstall anything though. Look on the synology and see what processes are open and start closing.
Rebooting the NAS should clear the connections, but isn’t a long term solution.

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Hi Paul, thanks a lot for your quick reply! I have followed your suggestion and the “audio device in use” sign did not show up again. But now, when I start to play the music, all titles skip in a second without playing music at all. Very strange behavior. Do you have any idea? Thanks again in advance.

regards, Richard

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You are welcome,
My guess is going to be, the endpoint/DAC you are using can’t play that encoding level.
What soundcard/stand alone/voodoo are you using to play sound?
What encodings does it support? what files are you throwing at it?
I believe there is a way in the device settings to have it downsample when not a supported format.
In the windows client,
Upper left hand side: 3 horizontal lines.
settings → audio → your device → click the settings gear → device setup. poke around and also explore advanced.
There are probably logs as well. But . . . logs ugh.

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OK, I’ve fiddled around with all the different settings, but in the end I found out, that I had to change input from HDMI to Tosslink to be able to choose the exclusive mode. Thanx for help! stay healthy!

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Hi, I’m having similar problems. Can you tell me how you ran audio from the M1 over tosslink, as I thought Mac Minis haven’t had optical outs since 2018?

Hello Neil, I’ve bought myself a USB to Tosslink adapter, which works fine. Look here. (

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Super; thanks for the tip! I’ll give it a shot.

you’re welcome! you need to tell mini’s system (midi audio set up) that you are using now the usb instead of the standard one…

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With the adapter you suggested and a digital optical cable, I can now also run exclusive mode the M1! Thanks again!

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Hello all :wave:

I’m sorry that we’ve missed this post for so long :pleading_face: and thank you for discussing this matter and finding such great solutions!

I was wondering if there’s anything Roon support can help with. We’d love to do so :nerd_face:

But Tosslink Optical is limited to 96khz, right?

Sorry, Robert, this is what the manual says: “InLine USB HD Adapter, Hi-Fi (24-bit 192KHz) auf Digital Coax/Toslink/I2S Audio Konverter”