Audio device refuses to switch input to roon

How do I resolve this message? Seems crazy this message that shows up when I try to play a song but it doesn’t show up in any troubleshooting help I could find.

I’m using Roon on iPad with Tidal as the source with wireless network connection to Mytek Brooklyn bridge. Roon works fine if I choose the chromecast audio using an optical input on the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge.

Not clear what is meant by “audio device”. Do they mean the Mytek? And of course I am manually choosing the input on the Mytek to be the Network, which is received wirelessly from the Roon.



I’ve received that same message once myself using the Ethernet connection to an exaSound S88 DAC. Pressed play again and it worked. Is your device Roon Ready? Perhaps there is a glitch in the interface, 2 different makes and models.

Hey @JS_Wynant,

Sorry about the trouble you’ve ran into and about our delayed response :pleading_face:

If this is ongoing, could you please share a bit more details about your Core, Setup and Network Connection?

Also, does this error come up for any track? Have you noticed any patterns (certain album, certain artist or quality?)

Thanks in advance :pray:

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