Audio Devices disappear everytime

The core is on another windows PC, It is connected to the router ( tp link archer C7) via ethernet, on another windows pc I have the sound blaster sound card and steinberg audio interface via usb, pc is connected via ethernet, Then I have 2 raspbery pi connected via ethernet as well. If I restart my pc ( the one with steinberg etc,) it works again, but after a while it won’t show up the devices again. The raspberry pi at the moment is not showing up as well.

I will reinstall the core and get back to you again. Thank you for your help.

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Thanks, Daniel! If after reinstalling the application, you’re still experiencing this issue, we have another suggestion for you to try.

At that point, you can try stopping the Roon Core, going to rooncoredatabasefolder/database/registry/core and deleting all files that begin with endpoint and raat and restarting Roon- if after trying this, is there any change?

We’d also recommend using another PC device as a Core, just as a test. Prior to doing this, we’d recommend making a backup of your Roon data. Do the devices still disappear if another Core is used?

I’m interested to see how these steps go! Certainly let us know if none help. :pray:t3:

Hi Ashley, I tried what you asked, and the problem still persists. I think the problem is related to only the pc I have my devices connected.

@Daniel_Morgado, does the same issue occur if you use a different Core device? (I wasn’t able to determine if you tried this specific step)

If the same issue occurs when using the other PC as a Core, at this point, we’ll want to collect logs to review.

Can you please reproduce the issue, make note of the exact time this happens, and use the directions found here and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader?

Be sure to let me know that you have uploaded the logs (and to let me know of the timestamp) so that we can review them for you! Thank you! :pray:t3:

Hi Ashley, Yes I tried another core and the issue persists, the problem is just with my windows desktop.

I have followed your instructions and uploaded the logs, I opened Roon at 20:47 it showed all devices with the ones I actually use with the red word “Enabling”, then all devices connected to my desktop disappeared.

And just as a reminder, when I restart my pc it works fine, but after a while ( few hours maybe ) it stops working again.

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Thanks @Daniel_Morgado I’ve let the Technical Support team know that you’ve uploaded the logs so that they can take a look at those for you. I appreciate you keeping us updated on the situation. We’ll be following up with you!

Hi Ashley, any news?

Hey @Daniel_Morgado we’re sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

While we do not have an update as of yet, we have escalated this issue to the proper team once again so that we can determine next steps.

Thank you for your continued patience :pray:t3:

Daniel, thanks so much for your patience!

Our team has taken a look at your logs and see that the ASIO drivers may be interfering. As a test, could you please temporarily uninstall the ASIO drivers from your Windows device and see if the issue persists?

Please let us know how this goes, thank you!

Hi Ashley, I don’t have any ASIO drivers installed on the windows pc that I have a problem with, only on the core. So can you please clarify? Thank you

Edit: Actually I have yamaha Steinberg Asio, but that one is needed for the audio interface.

Edit 2: I uninstalled the yamaha drivers ( don’t know for how long, usually when I restart my pc everything works for a few hours), and now the audio card works, but obviously cannot use the audio interface.

Have you got any windows sounds enabled? Sounds like other devices are taking control of your soundcards etc. Also did you disable the firewall on your core computer?

Windows sounds are disabled, and firewall on core is disabled for roon.

@Daniel_Morgado thanks for testing that out for us - that’s helpful to know.

We’re hoping that you could provide us with a download link for the ASIO driver that you’re using? We would like to test this out on our end. :pray:t3:

of course:

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Thank you! I’ll share this link with my team so that we can test this out and we’ll reach back out as soon as we know more.

Hi, any news? I still can’t use roon…

So I guess I can’t count on roon to offer support on its own product… I haven’t been able to use roon for 2 months.

Hey @Daniel_Morgado sorry for not being able to get back to you. I have reached back out to the support team to see if they have any updates to share.

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Hi All,

We’ve recently reached out to Yamaha/Steinberg regarding this issue, we will keep everybody updated on the proceedings.

We do not have any Yamaha/Steinberg equipment “in-house” to test with, hence why we’re reaching out. We’re not encountering this issue with other ASIO drivers or equipment.


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