Audio Devices Disappear

When I start the software my library comes up and it will tell me no audio devices found.
When I click manage audio devices I can see my dac, system output and realtek drivers enabling but they disappear after a few seconds.

I have the the core setup on an Alienware R17 with Win 10.

It was working but started when I tried to add the HQplayer. I have uninstalled and installed the software several times but keep getting the same out come.

Any help/advise would be really great.

turn off your firewall and see if the devices appear. If they do then you need to add RoonServer and RAAT processes as exceptions in the Firewall.

That did not work.
I can see the devices trying to enable but disappear after a few seconds.

The last time I reinstalled the software I got it to work but when I closed out of the software and then opened it back up the problem came back.

Thanks for the suggestion @Rugby, that would have been my first one as well :+1: And thanks @Thomas_tompkins for giving that a go, sorry to hear it did no yield any changes in behavior.

Continuing forward, I would like to offer the following:

  1. Besides the mentioned firewalls are you by chance making use of any antivirus applications as well? If you are I would recommend temporarily disabling the firewalls again along with the anti virus software and see if this triggers a change in behavior here.

  2. I have also seen reports in the past where audio zones either become unavailable OR disappear completely in Roon. In all cases the issue ended up being related to the RealTek drivers and the following helped the users get out of this state:

    • Updating the RealTek driver(s) to latest version via the RealTek website.
    • Disabling the driver(s) via the OS.
    • Uninstalling the driver(s) completely

-Eric .

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Thanks Eric for your response and suggestions!
I updated the RealTek driver(s) and have had no problem for a few days now!
Hopefully that was the fix!


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Great! Very pleased to hear @Thomas_tompkins! Thank you for the update.

I am going to be marking this thread as "resolved’ and closing it out but if you happen to run into the same issue again please send me a PM and I will be glad to re-open so we can continue troubleshooting :sunglasses:

Happy listening!

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