Audio devices disappearing on Win 10

Hi all

I just installed Roon 1.4 build 306 on my Windows 10 PC, with server running same version on a Mac Mini. I have some other Roon compatible devices around the house like an Oppo 203 and I’m using Tidal as well.

For a few hours it worked fine, and I could see all the local audio devices on my Win 10 PC as well as networked audio devices.

But later that day, it either updated and/or I rebooted, and now my PC shows no audio devices at all. The section 'Connected to this PC" is blank and if I hit refresh, it cycles endlessly. I can see audio devices on the Mac server, I can see the Oppo and Airplay devices. It’s just the PC devices are all MIA.

What am I doing wrong?


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Probably Windows Update messed things up by changing things. Turn off all firewalls and anti-virus as a test and see if the local outputs re-appear.