Audio devices missing, Mac OS Wake On LAN issue [Resolved]

Oddly I have this same problem. My only change was changing a couple of end points from wireless to wired (Sonos). I have not started troubleshooting yet.

Oh and in my case, we had a power outage in the morning, so that might have left the database messed up, but you would think Roon software would detect a corrupt state and report out. I will look into it later today.

Restarted my core and all audio devices back.

I was posting above and figured out my problem. I will share it as it might give you a clue.

It has to do with Wake On LAN not working properly somewhere along the chain. I never had this problem before, so i don’t know why it has started.

My core is a new M1 Mac Mini and Big Sur. Client apps are sometimes iphone, ipad, or Mac laptop (mostly the latter for my testing).

For whatever reason, Wake On LAN is only partially giving access to Roon. You can see the library but not audio devices. I tested by setting my “Turn Display Off” to 1 min on the Roon core mac. On a client (mac laptop), turn off Roon, wait a bit, turn it back on and it connects but does not find audio devices. If i hit the keyboard or mouse on the sleeping mac mini, Roon shows the end points in about 1.5 seconds (pretty fast).

For now, I set this to Never unless someone has a better solution. Searching the forum here on “Wake on LAN audio devices” finds similar cases.

Hey @RobOK — I’m glad you were able to get things up and running, and I appreciate you looping back around to let us know what you discovered. I’m going to talk to the QA team about the issue you experienced to see if there are any changes we can make in the future to avoid this type of issue. If they have any questions I’ll be sure to follow up here.

I also moved your post out to its own Topic so it doesn’t get confused with the original issue in the other Topic, and it’ll also be easier for others who might see similar issues to find in the future.

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