Audio devices not found following LAN outage [Ticket In]

My Internet-Connection + WLAN + LAN sometimes snaps off for 1 or 2 Minutes and this obviously causes in Roon, that no Audio-devices are found anymore even 1 hour after the incident (despite the LAN / WLAN ist working properly again. Therefore I have to RESTART ROON frequently to “find” the Audio-Devices again.

My question / request: May be in case of “audio devices not found” ROON could search automatically every minute if they are available now? Avoiding to restart the roon-server after such little incidents would be very helpful and convenient!

Kind regards



Your topic has been moved to the support section of the forum.

In order for Roon’s @support team to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so they can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

My Setup ist a mac-mini mid 2011 as ROON-Server connected by LAN or WLAN to a Bluesound NODE 2i.
Latest software - updates from ROON.

The problem simply seems to be, that a “refresh” is missing! (… because after a restart of ROON only everything works properly)



Hello @Felix_P, glad things are working again! If this issue comes up again later, please let me know! We’ll try a different core and see if we can narrow down the issue.

It’s a work-around to restart ROON every day several times as it does not find my Bluesound NODE 2i despite the connection is up again.

The problem seems to be, that a “refresh”-routine is missing, which is checking, if the network (WLAN and LAN is available again. Could you talk to your programming people, if they can find a solution in one of their next SW-releases?



Any feedback from @support?

Are you saying that you have both an ethernet connection AND a wireless connection to the Node 2i?

I am using it either LAN or WLAN, but even both in parallel should not be a problem.

Usually upon connecting to a Network the connection remains permanently. My network for unknown reason frequently has interruptions for may be 1 sec. Internet is connected afterwards automatically but NOT Roon! So the server remains unavailable. ==> Proposed solution: ROON shall check regularly in a REFRESH the connection (like it does when restarted).



I am not clear if this topic is now allocated to the community or the official ROON support?
I kindly ask for a qualified follow-up and direction of how this problem might be resolved.
Carl, you seem to have shifted the topic away from public, so I do not get any reply and help.


This post is in the Support category which means that official Roon Support will help. Other community members may also help.

To that end, see the last post by @nuwriy above.

So, they are waiting for you to let them know if the issue has repeated or not.

Hello @Felix_P, and my apologies for the delayed response here. Do you have another device we can use as the core temporarily so we can narrow this down to the possible source of the issue? Thanks! I’d also like to know more about your network setup, would you kindly fill out the template below?

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Dear Nuwriy, dear Daniel!

Thank you for your guidance!
I think, that I have phrased my question / request not properly.

The ROON-Server basically works very fine and I want to express my full satisfaction. I have LAN and WLAN, which I can use alternatively.

When ROON is freshly startet, it discovers without any problem LAN as well as WLAN.

Yet in case - while the server is running - there has been a disconnect from LAN or WLAN it reports “No Audio devices found”. So I have to restart the ROON-Server at such incidents.

My request: There shall be a screening-process reconnecting the Roon-Server automatically after LAN or WLAN outages. This feature does not work with a mac-mini mid 2011.

So I do not need immediate help, but want to be sure that this problem will be addressed in one of the next releases of ROON.

KInd regards!


Dear Roon-Team!

Since 2 weeks I don’t receive a dedicated reply to my problem. Unfortunately I do not know if this is the forum or the official support of Roon, helping to fix bugs. I have described my problem serveral times and I am still fighting with the necessity to restart ROON nearly every day as there seems to be no automatic reconnection to LAN or WLAN.

Kind regards


Hi Felix,

I am not official Roon support just a helpful fellow user. Lets me ping support again @support


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Thank you, Daniel!
Should I contact the support via e-mail? I would like that they take this in consideration for one of their next releases!



Generally speaking, Roon support doesn’t respond to e-mail.

From your post, it’s unclear whether you are reporting a problem or asking for a ‘Feature Request’

To be considered as a ‘Feature Request’ the thread needs to be opened or moved to ‘Roon Software - Feature Request’ section of forum. Even there, Roon will not comment on the viability of any feature request.

If you are asking for help in diagnosing or fixing a problem with your system or a perceived bug in Roon software that is affecting your use of it, then this is the correct section of forum, i.e. Support.

BTW - I’m not Roon official support, just a semi-interested bystander.

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This is not the answer you want, but your network infrastructure is faulty. It sounds like your router or network switch is dying. They need to be replaced.

Another possibility is IP address conflict.

Thanks for your help, Slim & Peter!

Again it needs support / fix: @support!
Despite it is not “normal” that LAN or WIFI has interruptions, it would be great if ROON could deal with it by reconnecting automatically as it does when starting up ROON to regain connection to the output-devices.

Do not need instant support, as I have a work-around by restarting ROON manually, but request a consideration in one of the next releases. Is not a “feature”.

Kind regards


Hi @Felix_P,

This is Noris from Roon Labs support, thanks for the feedback here!

I checked our system and I do see a ticket which discusses similar behavior already in our queue. It hasn’t reached the dev team just yet, but I will add your report as a link to the ticket as another example.

While this ticket makes it’s way through the queue, you may also want to investigate the root cause of the network outage and look into upgrading network gear as well. Our Networking Best Practices Guide also provides some great tips!