Audio Devices Not Showing up

Roon Core Machine

Pink Faun Ultra as Roon Core.
Apple Tablet, Dell Laptop, or iOS phone as remotes

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Cisco switches. Ethernet direct connected on the same network.

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

70k albums.

Description of Issue


Upon upgrade to Roon 1.8 within a week it started to malfunction, First it started with opening the app via iOS, Windows desktop app, or tablet it would take as much as 10 min to login.

Then it would not find the Server and I would have to select a different Core and manually input the IP address to find the Pink Faun Server.

Lastly it crashed completely and would not boot. and would stay on the icon loading forever.

I had the manufacturer roll back the to 1.7 and it was working just fine for another month until it forced updated to 1.8. Then it worked for a few days and more issues. Fortunately it finds the server just fine, but doesn’t find the DAC.

When you click on manage audio devices it shows nothing not even the local device running the app. I know it is the not Pink Faun Roon Core because it has a second player called Stylus that finds the DAC and plays flawlessly.

Hello @Joshua_Masongsong,

Thanks for getting in touch as soon as you ran into this. We’re sorry about the trouble :sweat:

Could you please follow the steps below and let us know if it helps?

  • Stop RoonServer
  • Navigate to your RoonServer’s Database Location
  • Find the folder that says “RoonServer”
  • Rename the “RoonServer” folder to “RoonServer_old”
  • Reinstall the RoonServer App from our Downloads Page to generate a new RoonServer folder
  • On the Roon Remotes, press “Use another Core” and connect to the new database
  • Restore a backup

Thanks a lot :pray:

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