Audio devices not visible

My setup is:

  • v1.3 (223)
  • Core installed on ASROCK DeskMini110 , on 512GB SSD
  • library (6162 songs) also installed on the same Samsung SSD
  • Tidal subscription
  • USB-soundcard RME ADI2-Pro connected with USB at this PC, latest ASIO driver 0.9610
  • PC is Windows 10 64 bit home version 1703, Pentium G4620, 8 GB RAM

After starting Roon in the first window the message ‘No Audio devices found’ is displayed.
The button below ‘Manage Audio devices’ brings me to the audio settings.
In the audio settings tab this window is displayed:

After 15sec. another window with the audio devices is flashing.
It is only visible for a short time (lower than a second). It is to short to make a screenshot.
I could not change any settings. Can you please help me to solve this problem?

I assume you have Roon Remote or Roon Bridge installed on your Windows 10 Machine that has the DAC connected to it?

Have you made sure the firewall isn’t blocking Roon communication at the Windows 10 machine or your Roon core machine? The simplest way to do this is just temporarily disable the firewall on both machines. If things start working you will need to make sure the proper firewall exceptions exist before enabling the firewall again.

With the Firewall disabled it is the same behavior.
The Roon Remote is installed on a Lenovo Tablet with Android.
From this tablet it is possible to connect to the PC with Roon core but the window with the audio settings is flashing also.

You need some type of Roon software installed on the Windows 10 machine with the RME device attached to it or Roon will never see it. If you are going to use the Android tablet as your remote all you need to install is Roon Bridge on the Windows 10 box.

Hi Jeff,

thank you for your help. I installed the RoonBridge on the PC but the behavior is the same.

During the short flash of the window I can see the audio devices. But this window disappear immediatly. I also tried to install RoonServer new, but this does’nt help.

Hang on - if I’m understanding the setup correctly, we’re talking about one PC here, an ASROCK Deskmini, fitted with a Pentium G4620 CPU, with 8GB RAM and a 512GB SSD? And this is running Windows 10 and Roon v1.3?

If this is so, then you should not install Roon Bridge on it as well - it is not needed (the Roon software already has Roon Bridge functions included), and may well cause further problems.

It seems to me that the problem may well be related to the USB soundcard not being correctly recognised by Roon. I believe that the ASROCK Desk mini series has RealTek audio on the motherboard. What happens if you remove the USB soundcard (as a test) and setup the RealTek audio in Windows - can Roon see that?

Flagging @support for more assistance here as well.

Yes the setup is correct.

With the RealTek audio enabled and RME ADI2-Pro disconnected I can see the audio devices in the settings tab.
Reconnecting the ADI-Pro helps to configure the device in the audio settings to WASAPI.

Thank you very much for your help.