Audio devices unavailable in Roon

Roon Version: 1.3 (build 247) stable (64bit)
OS: Windows 10 Pro - Version 1703 - OS Build 15063.502
PC spec: i7 6850k, 32gb ddr4, GTX 1080
Library Size: 31,797 tracks
DAC - Chord Mojo (Driver Version

The issue appears very similar to one I had in April this year. With Roon open and in use I clicked next on a song and the audio devices disappeared.

After restarting Roon the audio devices appear for a few seconds then disappear again.

No windows updates occurred today before the issue started with the most recent being my current build which was installed a few days ago.

I do not have a system restore point before the Windows update but it would be odd for that to be impacting Roon now after working for days.

Troubleshooting steps tried so far:

Uninstall/ Reinstall of Roon with and without restoring a backup.
Uninstall/ Reinstall of latest Chord drivers
Uninstall/ Reinstall of latest Nvidia graphics drivers
System / Chord Mojo power on/off
Swapped between several USB ports.

Hello @Rumiho,

We’ve already seen a bunch of reports which were caused by Windows Creator update. I looked into Chord website and they have a specific driver for Win 10 Creators ( Are you using that driver ?
Also, have you tried to playback to this device ( in Exclusive mode) via other software ?


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I currently am using the Creators driver from Chord but also tried the older W10 version. I tested exclusive mode in foobar and it worked without issue.

Hi, @Rumiho thanks for the information, could you please send us your logs via Dropbox or using your Gdrive for the further investigation of your problem?