Audio Dropouts Nucleus - PC to DAC (Optical)

Hi there. I have a Roon setup as follows:

NAS - Nucleus- Router - Access Point - PC - Optical DAC - Speakers

I have a weird ongoing issue with Roon where if I try to play a song it just stops playing anything. At first I would solve this by closing and reopening Roon. But then it would stop again. Recently I’ve realized I can keep Roon open when the dropout happens, but I just need to toggle Sample Rate Conversion, and it solves the issue instantly.

The issue happens with if I start with Sample Rate Conversion in the enabled and disabled state. And the solution works if I end with Sample Rate Conversion enabled or disabled.

Hi @Mohamed_Al_Khalifa,

Does this same behavior occur if you play to a different endpoint?

Can you share a screenshot of the Signal Path when playing to this Zone, as well as Device Setup?

Hi @dylan
No this behavior only happens with my PC.

This is what it looks like when I play a song and it gets stuck. The graphic of the song playing comes up on the left side, but the line moving along the spectrum stays stuck at the begining of the song. Eventually it skips the track.

Fixing this is as simple as toggling the Sample Rate Conversion on DSP

@dylan - No worries I think I figured this out. It looks like the Access Point was causing an issue. Everything seems fine now that I’ve fully bypassed it.


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