Audio entrypoint stream not sync'd between grouped zones

I have the latest dietpi and entry points running on raspberry pi 3 with hifiberry dac and sound cards. I have been successfully using two entry points for some time, audio entry point for a recordplayer and Librespot for spotify. Recently the recordplayer stream stopped staying sync’d between my grouped zones. I have no idea how to trouble shoot as this should just be handled by RAAT as I understand it. How do I fix this problem. BTW, I rebuilt everything today and still the same problem. It is off by like a quarter of a second and it is killing me. All of the raspberry pis are plugged into the same network hub. and all of the different entry point software components are running on the same raspberry pi using the loop back port for the gateway ip. suggestions on how I trouble shoot? Oh, since I was not clear, Librespot stays sync’d its just the record player that gets out of sync.