Audio file import issue

New to Roon and love it! However I’m having a serious issue getting all my music files imported into the software, namely it’s ignoring about half of them. I’ve tried all the workarounds mentioned on this site I can find but alas to no avail.
Any thoughts/assistance would be greatly appreciated


Is there any patten to the files that are not importing?

Can you give any specific examples?


If you have a few examples of files that aren’t importing, it would be great to take a look.

Do you have ability to upload a few files to dropbox and PM me a link? If not, I can provide a way to upload them directly to us. Just let me know, and sorry for the trouble @Makisupaman!

Carl & Mike
Apparently Roon doesn’t like Herbie Hancock. After digging thru the missing files the only commonality is they are all Herbie Hancock albums, one of which is in DSD but I have other albums imported which are the same format. Other than that I managed to get the rest of the collection in.
Any thoughts?

I don’t have dropbox but I’d be glad to get you a file, some some reason the really tricky ones are off of Head Hunters, I can drop you a track so you can take a look.

Ok, lets get a look at the media and see if this is something obvious. I just sent you a PM with instructions.

Sorry for the trouble!