"Audio File Loading Slowly..." message for some endpoints while others work as expected

Hi @Barry_Skingle,

Thank you for running those tests. I am taking through the logs now, and I do see quite a few abnormal traces listed in them, so I am going to go ahead and reach out to our QA team who will be able to provide further analysis for this issue.

Do note, it may take a bit of time for my request to reach their queue, but I think it’s best that we loop them in and request their expertise for this case. Thank you in advance for your patience here, and I will reach out as soon as I have any further info to share.

Thank you, Noris. Just to note, the chromecast and Devialet end-points remain rock solid.

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Hi @Barry_Skingle,

Thank you for your patience here while QA has been looking into this issue further. Analysis is still on-going but they have requested some additional info as to pinpoint this issue further. Can you please let me know the following?

  • What is the size of your Roon library? Can you please navigate to Roon -> Overview tab and share a screenshot of number of tracks/albums/artists present?

  • If you try connecting two endpoints that exhibit this behavior directly via Ethernet to your router or primary access point, does the same behavior still occur? The test here would be: Have Aires + Core connected via Ethernet, try transferring the zones just between your Aires and a local Core output (System Output or one of the USB zones), see if the same behavior occurs.

Can you please let me know those two pieces of info when possible?

Hi Noris, thanks for getting back to me. Here’s the screenshot - it will take a little longer to configure an Aires over ethernet.

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Hi Noris. So, now Conservatory Roon (Aeries Mini), the iMac Core (Study headphones & Study speakers) and the Orbi router are all connected to the same gigabit ethernet switch. The Aeries Mini is outputting via analogue (!) rather than USB.

After a few dozen end-point switches wirelessly from my iPhone XS, without rebooting any network device or anything except the Aeries mini, not only are the Conservatory Roon and Core endpoints solid, but so are all the endpoints I tried (including the iPhone XS).

Could the problem be interference between the two Aeries Minis over WiFi?

I can’t really get ethernet to either rooms where the Aeries Minis live, except perhaps ethernet over mains.

Thanks for your on-going help.

Hi Noris

I’ve now swapped things around, so I have Roon Dayroom (Aries mini) connected via ethernet over mains and Roon Conservatory (Aries mini) back in the conservatory connected over WiFi.

Firstly, every endpoint now seems solid.

Secondly, I can now successfully play over AirPlay to grouped RoonConservatory+RoonDayroom+Phantoms+Homepod, which hasn’t worked for months.

Could this problem stem back to September when I bought the second Aries mini, and they have been intermittently colliding over WiFi ever since?

BTW, I believe that all of this is independent of the iPad disconnecting problem reported Remotes are losing connection to Core machine and iOS remote connection trouble, which is still happening.

Thank you as always.

So, I spoke too soon.

On going back, Roon Conservatory claimed to be playing (with play time progressing), but no music emerged. Roon Dayroom refused to play, then rebooting Aries Mini did play, then went back to slow loading.

It’s like there is some buffer which gets reset when I make a configuration change, and when it’s exhausted, chaos ensues. :pensive:

Hi @Barry_Skingle,

Thank you for the update here but to properly troubleshoot this issue, we should try to only change one variable at a time to see where the issue lies. I am a bit confused as per your latest posts, let me try to clarify a bit:

  • Roon Conservatory was connected via WiFi and Roon Dayroom was connected via Powerline
  • Both of these endpoints had issues after a while
  • Question #1 - Were they still grouped or were they playing as individual zones?
  • Question #2 - When the above issue occurred, were the iMac Core local zones working as expected?

As I mentioned, it would be best to take troubleshooting one step at a time and see where exactly it stops working. By this I mean:

  1. Do not have any of your zones grouped

  2. Have one of the Aires connected directly to the Router as well as your Core. Leave the other Aires out of the equation for the time being

  3. Have all of your active endpoints connected to the same Router

  4. Verify if any issues occur over a period of a day while playing to various endpoints

  5. Repeat the same test with the other Aires, leaving only one connected at a time

  6. If playback stops on just one of the Aires but the other one works as expected, we know which direction to take a closer look in

If you can perform this test, it should give us a good data point. I should also mention that the symptoms you are describing may also be an indication of an unstable network setup or an issue with the router itself. As such, I would reach out to Orbi and ask if they can run a diagnostics check on all of your Orbi gear just in case there are any hardware issues in this regard.

Hi Noris, thank you for your update.

I take your point about changing one variable at a time. It is significant I think that following reboot or reconfiguration all end-points can be completely solid for a while: the problem takes time to rematerialise.

To clarify on the points above:

  • I ungrouped after the 6:02pm post: there were no grouped end points in the 9:33pm post
  • Yes, Roon Conservatory was connected over WiFi and Roon Dayroom over power line
  • Yes, both end-points had issues after a while
  • They were playing as individual zones
  • I did not test the iMac local zones (I will check next time): I have never seen a connection timeout on the iMac local zones (nor on the Phantoms via AirPlay nor on any of the three Chromecast endpoints)

I have powered-off Roon Conservatory for the time being (reverting to Chromecast in that room).

iMac Core, Orbi Router and Roon Dayroom (via power line) are connected to the same switch.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks again.

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Hi Noris, with the configuration above, music has been playing perfectly between Dayroom Roon (via power line) and Conservatory Chromecast. And I’ve just walked around and successfully transferred to:

  • Lounge Chromecast
  • Lounge Phantoms
  • Dining Room HomePod
  • Dayroom AppleTV
  • Study Headphones
  • Barry’s iPad
  • Barry’s iPhone XS ( I did get a timeout as a news alert came in, but that’s understandable)

So, it seems that all is good with just one Aries Mini online.



Hi Noris, yesterday music was playing fine from Conservatory Chromecast when I had a Core crash: is there a way to upload the full dump?

Process: Roon [34493]
Path: /Applications/Roon.app/Roon
Identifier: com.roon.Roon
Version: 1.0
Code Type: X86-64 (Native)
Parent Process: ??? [1]
Responsible: Roon [34493]
User ID: 502

Date/Time: 2019-07-21 19:46:29.759 +0100
OS Version: Mac OS X 10.14.5 (18F132)
Report Version: 12
Anonymous UUID: 0AFB21C8-7ED8-3C29-68CE-782E761C3077

Time Awake Since Boot: 780000 seconds

System Integrity Protection: enabled

Crashed Thread: 5 Broker:Transport

Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x000000112470c9c8

I restarted the Roon app on iMac.

Then I had several timeouts on Dayroom Roon (perhaps that’s not surprising?):

I then switched zones to Barry’s iPad (paired with a Bluetooth speaker), and after a few minutes walked outside. At this point the iPad probably changed access point, I imagine from Orbi Dayroom to Orbi Garage. The music stopped playing, and in the Roon app on the iPad the end-point Barry’s iPad had disappeared:

Using the iPad, I switched zones to Conservatory Chromecast, which (as always) performed flawlessly.

Thanks for your continuing help with this.


Hi @Barry_Skingle,

Thank you for confirming this aspect. Since the Dayroom Aires is working as expected, we should take a closer look at the Conservatory Aires, possibly reinstalling the firmware on the device would be a good next step.

Yes, if you wish you can upload a log set to Dropbox or Google Drive and provide a link, I can take a look that way. Also, diagnostics mode is active but I do not see a new report yet, next time you boot up your Core I will be on the lookout for any new reports.

After sending the crash log over, I think it’s best that we try to verify the behavior of Roon with a fresh database as a temporary test. You can set your old database aside by using these instructions and I would be curious to know if they help mitigate the amount of issues you are seeing:

  • Make a Backup of your current Roon Database
  • Exit out of Roon
  • Navigate to your Roon’s Database Location
  • Find the folder that says “Roon”
  • Rename the “Roon” folder to “Roon_old”
  • Restart/Reinstall the Roon App to generate a new Roon folder

Hi Noris, firstly, here’s the core crash: https://www.dropbox.com/s/th3yiodjhkurqs1/Roon%20quit%2021%3A7%3A19.rtf?dl=0

Hi @Barry_Skingle,

Thank you for sending the log over, I can confirm that I have received it.

Please try the second part of my instructions when you have a chance, I would like to see if the same issue occurs with a fresh database. Note, please do not restore from a backup once you set the old database aside while we run this test.

Hi Noris, sorry for the delay.

Firstly, I have swapped out the Netgear Orbi WiFi in favour of Linksys Velop, so the timeout issue is not being caused by idiosyncrasies in the Orbis.

I now have two Roon folders that I can switch between. The new one has scanned the same music folder. I have not bothered to synchronise iTunes playlists, and it does not have all my custom artist images.

Starting from the skeletal Roon folder, I could not provoke the timeout switching between Dayroom Aries (ethernet over power line in, USB out), iPhone XS and Lounge Chromecast.

Switching to the full Roon folder, I generated timeouts after a few switches:

Switching back to skeletal, I could not provoke timeouts.

Switching back to full, I did provoke timeouts:

So, it seems that my full Roon folder is part of the cause. Also:

  • I believe that the timeouts happen only with the two Aries endpoints
  • Switching to the Aries is always noticeably slower than switching to other endpoints (switching between Chromecast endpoints is very fast)

I do hope that this update provides you with more to go on.

Thanks as always,


PS: I remembered that I had Memory for Photos/Artwork set to 2048MB, so I set it to Minimum. This seemed to make things worse rather than better, and generated:

I changed to 1024MB: this generated more timeouts.

Now I’m back to 2048MB.

MacOS 10.14.5, Roon 1.6 build 416 64bit

Linksys Velop

Chromecast (to keep things simple)

I have an open ticket at https://community.roonlabs.com/t/audio-file-loading-slowly-message-for-some-endpoints-while-others-work-as-expected/73373/21, which may or may not be related. Hi https://community.roonlabs.com/u/noris.

After adding a new artist picture and downloading a new track via iTunes, I had trouble adding a new artist picture. I quite Roon and on restart received:


I restored last night’s backup:


Then I get a continual blue busy circle:


which is still running, three hours later (still 49:0:0).

Music is still playing through Chromecast endpoints (but see my tale of woe at https://community.roonlabs.com/t/audio-file-loading-slowly-message-for-some-endpoints-while-others-work-as-expected/73373/19)

Is it just me?


The busy circle is still spinning :frowning:

Hi @Barry_Skingle,

I have just tried to enable diagnostics mode for your PC’s new install, but it appears that the diagnostics are not coming through. Can you please send me a manual copy of your logs by using these instructions and send them via Dropbox / Google Drive / Send.firefox.com?