"Audio file loading slowly" on Bluesound Node 2 (wired) but works flawless on iPhone (wifi)

Roon Core Machine

Synology DS220+ 18 GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Using Ethernet thru fiber with broadband switch, and Netgear GS108 and English Electric 8switch,

Connected Audio Devices

Sourcing thru Bluesound Node 2 (wired connection) and also thru iPhone

Number of Tracks in Library

Aprox 10 500 tracks.

Description of Issue

My Roon core is on Synology DS220+ with extended ram to 18 GB. I get the same issues even If i set up Roon Core on my new laptop so Synology CPU is not the issue here.
When playing tracks on my Stereo using Bluesound Node 2 i have been starting to get errors with lagging and skipping songs and also the error message “an audio file is loading slowly…”. When i change to play from same source on my iPhone instread (using wifi) it works fine.
Two weeks ago i painted my room and had all my equipment turned off - after that it played great for about one week and then the error retuned.

I’m looking for anything that might help me find the source of the problem.

Kind regards

Hey @Tomas_Lundberg,

What is the Node 2 connected to? If possible, I would bypass any switches you have and wire it directly to your router. Do the same with your core devices as well, and let me know if your issue persists :+1:

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