Audio files loading slowly - happening both with ethernet and wifi

For some reason this started happening today. I’m running a PC on Win10 as the roon core, connected via ethernet to a Primare i35 prisma (roon ready) via ethernet. The pc has internet sharing via this ethernet to the roon ready device.

Is anything wrong?

This is also happening with the Roon device connected directly to the wifi router (same one the pc is connected to)

I see this occasionally too.
It usually resolves itself but there are a few things you could try:
Restart your Core. You could also try restarting the router.

Are you using any DSP? If so check the processing speed in your signal path. If it’s below 2X that could be the cause.

You could also try changing your router DNS settings to use Cloudflare.
Cloudflare DNS is

well now it’s not seeing the device via LAN at all. So I unplugged the ethernet cable and let the Primare device connect to wifi. I don’t really know what’s up with this.

I’m wondering if there’s a more efficient way to configure the ethernet card in my PC to use a static IP or give a static IP to the primare prisma

DNS was already on Cloudfare

Yes if the device is disappearing from the LAN my suggestions (other than restarting) aren’t going help.
This is moving past my knowledge but someone else will likely have some suggestions.

There is nothing inefficient about a dynamic IP. The client asks the router for an IP during startup, gets one, and uses that. Static IPs are a common way to shoot oneself into the foot because they need diligent handling whenever something changes in the network. And most likely it won’t do anything for your issue (unless maybe your router is pathologically poor)

Does this also happen using the default audio output of your pc with the same audio files?

Windows 10 with automatic updates can cause this behavior if updates were applied and the computer was never restarted.


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