Audio files not playing when in exclusive mode via USB on Peachtree 300

Hi - I’m a new user and use Roon on a new Windows 10 Dell XPS 13 laptop with 8GB, i7, with my music stored on a WD My Cloud. I access mostly ripped CD tracks over Wifi. I’ve been using it with no issues using USB from my laptop to my McIntosh DAC in my main setup using the Mcintosh ASIO driver. I’ve just purchased a Peachtree Nova 300 for another room and I am using the same laptop and USB cable as well. I am having trouble using exclusive mode and I am getting the error message “audio files loading slowly - may be a performance or hardware issue”. I can play the same files with no issues when not in exclusive mode and using the O/S mixer. It doesn’t matter if the DSP engine is on or off … as soon as I turn on exclusive mode , I get a few seconds of playback and then I get the error … then no sound and it skips tracks. However, I can use the DSP engine and up-sample with no issues if exclusive mode is turned off. I’ve tried cycling the router which is hardwired to the WD MyCloud with no success. I love Roon so far except for this. Any ideas why this is occurring and how to resolve it? @support

try to switch off Event Driven Mode in audio device setup

Well that was easy … Wasabi works now after toggling off the event mode and I can also use the ASIO driver and it works … Thanks ! Mike

Do you like the Amp?

So far yes but it’s only been a short time. Will know better in few weeks .