Audio Hardware Monitoring [Solved]

I’m currently using Roon Server as follows: A Windows PC running 24/7 with a TotalDAC D1-Dual attached by means of USB. While the PC and RoonServer are running non-stop, I turn off the DAC when I’m not using it.

In this scenario, I have to restart RoonServer every time I power off / on my DAC. Otherwise I get the “playback parameter negotation” error which has been reported on these boards. It would be very nice if I didn’t have to manually restart RoonServer every time this happens :slight_smile:

I have the same issue with my Devialet and Roon. JRiver handled it gracefully so I have to believe that Roon can as well some day.

Not having to restart your RoonServer at all is the right fix in this situation. Maybe RoonBridge will have some new magic sauce in it.

I’m sure we could fix this if we had the hardware to reproduce the issue. We have a relationship with TotalDAC. We will reach out to our contact there.

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For what it’s worth: they have an XMOS chipset and use the Theyscon USB driver.

From time to time (but not always)I have the same issue with my Meridian Prime HA with PSU (ASIO) when I disconnect the USB cable from the computer while Meridian and Roon are on. Without the PSU I haven’t noticed it.
I’ve never noticed it with JRiver. If it happened I have to restart the PSU/PHA and Roon. When I don’t restart Roon Windows shows Meridan as the default audio output, but Roon shows the “playback parameter negotiation” error. After Roon restart all works again.

RoonServer (Mac mini) with my Devialet is fine and always reconnects very nicely. Are you windows @DrTone ?

Yes it was my Windows 10 machine and specifically ASIO.

I think I would characterize this as more of a “bug” than a feature request :slightly_smiling:

We just got our hands on the TotalDAC unit late last week, and I tested with an alpha 1.2 build today and found that 1.2 does a much better job with this situation.

If my testing was imperfect and you find further issues like this after 1.2 is released, let us know and we’ll get it taken care of.

Testing should be pretty straightforward:

  1. Switch on TotalDAC
  2. Start Roon + configure TotalDAC zone
  3. Start playback in TotalDAC zone
  4. Stop playback in TotalDAC zone
  5. Switch off TotalDAC (keep Roon running)
  6. Switch on TotalDAC (keep Roon running)
  7. Start playback in TotalDAC zone
    => Playback parameter negotation error

Have yet to encounter any other scenario in which this error occurs (for me).

Yup, that’s what I did. That use case will work fine in 1.2.

Check out the 1.2 builds. This should be much better now.

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