Audio or music related anecdotes, jokes, cartoons...anyone?


Hi fellow Rooners,

time for some fun! Please share any anecdotes, jokes or cartoons that are audio or music related.

Here you can read a true story.

Here’s a nice little Hifi cartoon I found…


Here’s another cartoon.


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What a great idea for a thread. Thanks a lot!


Very nice thread! Cheers!

Audiophile 1: “Did you hear the sad news about Bob; he died of a sudden illness.”
Audiophile 2: “That’s so sad, what did he have?”
Audiophile 1: " Krell, Thiel, Theta, and Nordost."


There are some terrific Charles Rodrigues cartoons at this Angelfire(!) site:



Hi @Ratbert,

love the one about the scary campfire story…:joy:



Yeah, even the Boogeyman is afraid of MP3…:grinning:


“How many hi-fi journalists does it take to change a light bulb?”

“Two. One to change the bulb and another to write a glowing review.”

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After attending a local Hi-Fi dealer for a demonstration with a few favourite cd’s I was told I would need to buy better quality music if I wanted to hear the potential improvement the system they were proposing could offer? :zipper_mouth_face:



Sometimes real life is more hilarious than any made up joke could ever be…:joy:

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There was the bassist who was so upset about his bad timing that he threw himself behind a train,







Question: Why did the amplifier hum?

Answer: Because it didn’t know the words!

Looking for advice with mechanical hum
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Hi Fi gear, like most electronics, is powered by magic black smoke. We know this because when the black smoke comes out it stops working.