Audio or music related anecdotes, jokes, cartoons...anyone?


PIANIST: “OK, let’s do ‘I’ll Remember April’. First six bars in A-flat. Bar 7 modulate down to F. Bar 12, back up to A-flat again, but then in 7/8.”

SINGER: “That’s crazy! I couldn’t possibly do that!”

PIANIST: “You DID last night . . . “

(Andrew Cox) #63

Billy Connelly: With banjo players there are some sentences you never hear anyone say: “She left with the banjo player”, “That’s the banjo player’s Ferrari” …

(Ged) #64

HiFi as fetish.


Hi @ged_hickman1,

an extremely well-written article on both the causes and symptoms of “Hifi fetishism”! :grinning: Thanks a lot for posting this link.


Q. How do you know if the stage is level at a bluegrass gig?

A. The banjo player drools out of both sides of his mouth… :smiley:

(Anders Vinberg) #67

A jazz musician is someone who loads a $5,000 instrument into a $500 car to go to a $50 gig.


Rowan Atkinson mocking Elton John and grilling him about the origin of his name…

"Funny name, ‘Elton’. How did you come by it…?" :joy:

(Ged) #69

Audiophile 1: “Did you hear the sad news about Bob; he died of a sudden illness.”
Audiophile 2: “That’s so sad, what did he have?”
Audiophile 1: " Krell, Thiel, Theta, and Nordost."

(Ged) #70

The world famous Amazon Denon cable listing, reviews including gems such as…

“Transmission of music data at rates faster than the speed of light seemed convenient, until I realized I was hearing the music before I actually wanted to play it.”


Are you sure it wasn’t MQA that “killed” Bob? :wink:



(Wim) #73


I bet a lot of Hifi enthusiasts would happily pay the five bucks…:joy:


Q: What did the drummer say to the band leader?

A: Do you want me to play too fast or too slow?

(Darko.Audio contributor) #76

Q to Paul McCartney; Is Ringo the best drummer in the world?

Paul M; he’s not even the best drummer in the Beatles.

Actually originates from Jasper Carrot (UK comedian for those not here) but it sounds better coming from Paul!_


Is this funny or sad? :thinking: I’m not sure yet…:joy:


Not a difficult decision at all. It’s BOTH. No doubt about it! :joy:

(David Orgel) #79

Some of the jackets are very pretty.


O Lord, free us from the burden of choice…:joy: