Audio "other network devices" System creating duplicate connections for same device

MacMini M1 250/8 GB - 1.8/884 build

DS 920+ 300K

Hegel 390 via airplay

So for no apparent reason Roon recreates the H390 connection on it’s own. See screen shot.

All three connections share the same ip. Notice the original H390 connection and then (2). Currently using (3)

When attempting to use the original connection Roon thinks it’s playing but no sound/signal is reaching the H390. To save time I reconnect to H390 (3) which works. Each connection retains it’s own music history, if you can believe that.

Ive tried to find a way to delete the additional generated connections but there does not seem to be a known way as far as I can tell with the resources available to me.


Have you rebooted everything including the network equipment since this started?

That’s the first thing I do. Doesn’t change anything and somethings it will create another connection…

Hi @Mason,

Please utilise the template when posting in Support as it provides the information we need when troubleshooting issues.

Can you try updating to our latest build and see if that helps?

You can do that by going to Settings>About>and looking at the information presented for your Core and Remotes. Please let us know if this makes a difference in what you’re seeing. Thanks!

Hi Jamie,

I am aware of the update but I am a little reluctant to update to the latest release at this time. I just got my system straighten out from the 1.8/884 build. I loss a significant amount listening time over the holidays and spent weeks rebuilding the DB.

Additionally I need to run a backup before updating which is on the list of thing to do.

I thought I covered the pertinent system components of my setup. What where looking for specifically?

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