Audio output + DAC


I installed roon and roon bridge on my apple air. As a controler i use android app. The audio output goes via usb from air into DAC (Burson Conductor). The sound is has very poor quality, i can hear lot of hum or fizzle? Do i need to somehow setup the audio output in roon?

When i play exactly same setup with audirvana all works great!


i assume that the computer is your Roon Core. So, you should uninstall RoonBridge on this machine. You only need RoonBridge if you want to use the computer as an audio endpoint and aren’t running Roon or RoonServer on it.

So, get rid of RoonBridge and give that a try first.

Cheers, Greg

is there an easy way how to uninstall roon bridge? will the stop or/ exit be sufficient? I really dont need to tune any settings? The sounds is really terrible ;-(

Check through this FAQ to set up Roon for your DAC.

Hum and fizzle sounds wrong. Let’s see if @mike or @vova can work out what’s happening.

Hi Patrik,

As Andy says.

To stop RoonBridge, you should see a Roon logo (maybe 2) on the top right of the desktop screen. Click on it and make sure it says RoonBridge is running. If there’s a check mark beside Lauch at Startup, uncheck it. Then click on it again and select exit.

To uninstall, just go into applications folder and grab RoonBridge and pull it to the trash.

Exiting RoonBridge should be sufficient for now.

Cheers, Greg

i disabled the roonbridge and it is fine (or looks like :slight_smile: Thanks