Audio Output non-exclusive doesn't work on PC

On Settings - Audio: Neither “System Output” nor the dedicated “Speakers W121 DAC Audio” (Wadia 121 via USB) output sound even though the player runs (time and progress bar are somewhat jittery).

When using “System output” exclusive mode cannot be selected.

Ultimately, Audio is only heard if “Speakers W121 DAC Audio” is chosen, WITH Exclusive mode selected. Non-Exlusive does not work no matter what I tried.

System output can never be set to exclusive mode, the grey “Exclusive mode” text that makes it seem like it can be enabled somehow is confusing, so we’re going to remove that text for the next build.

With regard to your audio issues, I’d like to learn a little more about your setup. Is your W121 DAC separately enabled elsewhere? Let’s ensure first that it’s not being accessed by something else simultaneously, and any additional information you can provide about your audio setup would help. Thanks!

The reason system output can not be set to exclusive mode is that the system output is the output the Operating System exposes that follows the currently selected audio device. By nature, the OS mixer is involved here, which is exactly what Exclusive mode is trying to prevent!

Hi Kevin, regarding the non-exclusive mode not outputting sound, the 121 DAC is only connected via USB to the main computer on which I run Roon. As soon as I try another app, like Windows or jRiver Media Center, sound is output from those apps into the 121 like normal, via non-exclusive.

Playing Roon in Non-exclusive, Volume Mixer shows the sound coming from Roon:

But no sound going to the 121 in Sound control panel: