Audio playback Problem

From some time, in a random way, I have to turn off and then turn on my dac, when I change songs, whatever the format of the song (44.1khz, HiRes, DSD).
On my dac, the playback goes to standby, and the requested song is not played!
On Roon the playback of the track does not start, and goes through the tracks one after the other !

  • I reinstalled ROON on my SGC I5
  • I reinstalled the last version on my SoTM 200 Neo
  • I reset my DAC (Teac UD -503)

but unfortunately still the same (in a random way) :weary:

would someone has an idea?


Hi @Christophe_BRETON,

I see that you’ve recently solved a related thread here: Playback problem with Roon - #3 by connor

Are you still experiencing problems with this endpoint and playback interruptions, or can I merge this into the solved thread? We’re happy to assist in any case.

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