Audio ports not showing in roon after adding a new computer

I installed roon (remote) on a new Windows 11 machine. Usually, under roon’s Setting/Audio option a section labeled ‘This PC’ will be displayed with various standard HDMI ports and any audio drivers for installed devices like USB ports first in the list, generally followed by ‘Connected to Core’ and it’s list of audio ports. This is not happening. No ‘This PC’ entry, or ports are shown. Am I overlooking something simple here? Roon recognizes other computers I’ve installed it on over the years. Roon did not balk at anytime during the install. This is my first (and likely regrettable) decision to try Win 11, but it was required because the new machine is an Ryzen UM790 and needed Win 11 - at least for now. So maybe correct audio drivers are not installed, or yet available?

Roon’s endpoint detection is always network based. So you seeing no devices for “This PC” is usually caused by firewall problems. Did you follow:

I created Firewall exceptions for roon and raatserver. Eureka, it works. :slight_smile:

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