Audio problem using GigaFoil

For the hand full who might not be familiar with GigaFoil, it basically is a unit which inserts a section of fiber optics in the path from your switch to your DAC/Streamer or whatever. Why ? Wire can carry noise, light cannot! Systems can have varying amounts of RFI so yours may be different from mine but for me the insertion of this unit was jaw dropping fall down amazing, say like the difference between a $5K speaker and a $50K one!. BUT, boy can it be quirky. If you re-plug anything into your switch or do any of a number of things it goes off line. Then when you try to use Roon typically you will find your audio source has disappeared and you have no sound. No problem, just hook it up again, right? Well yes, but only if you use the right sequence. First turn off all power and unplug everything from the Gigafoil. Then plug back in it’s output, then it’s input,.then it’s power cord and lastly power up your source. Now you are in business and can go to audio in settings and establish your sound. Absolutely no other sequence will work. Can sometimes be a pain in the patootie, but its worth it’s weight in gold!

Maybe this suggestion would have helped me about 18 months ago. I could never get the GigaFoil to work without dropouts so I returned it to my dealer. I thought I tried everything but possibly not in the sequence you detail.

I ended up with inserting a switch with a optical output and a opticalModule I ordered from Small Green Computer which I placed just before my dCS Upsampler and my set-up has been rock solid since.

I also replaced a Gigafoil with a switch with SFP port, a fiber cable, and a Sonore optical module to convert back to ethernet. Not only more reliable but also sounds better.

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I can’t say it sounds better because I could not A/B the two options. I will say I have no complaints.