Audio Reviewers

Is there a policy on responding to the reviews by those posting on YouTube. I thought I saw a post indicating that this may be a Community violation. Seems an interesting topic if permissible.

Hi @7NoteScale,

Responding would not be a violation, but in the case of a written review then quoting the review on here could be viewed as breach of copyright … so I’d suggest a link to the review rather than copy / paste.

Of course any offensive posts would be infringing the forum’s guidelines, but that applies to all posts on here.


Thank you, and I had no interest in quoting a review or necessarily even reference what the review concerned.

I was wondering (based upon someone’s recent post of disliking a reviewer) if there were preferred reviewers on YouTube as well as those who are just difficult to watch.

For example, there was one review on YouTube where one had to endure the making of coffee to hear the review of equipment.

I suspect, as with the case of music, that there is not likely a consensus.

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Music, Audio, …


There is likely not a consensus as to which reviewer(s) offer valuable information.