Audio Settings Do Not Stay Put!

Roon Core Machine ?

Win 11 / Dell XPS8950 /16 / Intel 7/2

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Description of Issue

How can I keep my audio settings from reverting back to default?

For instance…It stops recognizing my DAC and the DSP Parametric EQ is disabled. I have to go into audio settings to set things right.

It may be a result of my weekly cleanup of temp files etc. but I’m not sure… Thanks!


Don’t do your weekly clean up and see.

The question is: How do I locate the offending files that are affecting my Roon settings?

Hey @Marc_Winokur,

If you take a look at Roon Settings>Skipped Files, do any show up?

Beyond that, if you could reproduce the issue and share the date and time of when the issue occurred? We can then enable diagnostics on your account to take a closer look at what might be causing you issues. :+1:

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