Audio Setup Question with 1.7

Question on the audio setup configuration after 1.7 upgrade. As I recall, prior to 1.7 I had the HDA Intel PCH HDMI 1 enabled and renamed to Living Room for my NUC to Receiver HDMI connection. Also had the Elac Discovery Z3 enabled and renamed to Kitchen.

Looking at the screen now I see the HDMI 1 entry with an option to Enable and the renamed Living Room zone. Also see the ELAC Discovery Z3 with an option to Enable and the renamed Kitchen zone.

If those entries are enabled and renamed why do they show up again with an option to Enable?

Both zones are working fine, I’m just curious why it appears this way.

You might need a server reboot. I had muddled zones and that cleared it up.

I did power it down earlier this week to change the power source.

Hi @Mike_LC,

The Kitchen and ELAC zone are two different zones actually, the ELAC zone is for airplay, Kitchen is for Roon Ready.

It looks like just the Living Roon / HDMI zone might be problematic, if you disable both zones, reboot and re-enable does that help?

Ok, I see the difference for the ELAC zones now, didn’t look close enough and missed that earlier. I’ll try your suggestion for the Living Roon - HDMI 1.

My comment earlier on HDMI 1 was incorrect. It was HDMI 0 that I had renamed to living room. I had forgotten about HDMI 0 to HDMI 4. Thought it was HDMI 1 - HDMI 4. All is well. Thanks.

Glad to hear you found the discrepancy @Mike_LC :slight_smile:

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