Audio Sync Issues with McIntosh MX170 Amplifier (ref#6WIQPR)

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I’ve spoken to McIntosh about the issue and they explained that anytime the signal stops the MX170 needs to re-identify which digital signal is coming in. And it does so very quickly but it still takes a split second to do so.

I explained the re-sync delay and how it’s supposed to send some silence in front of the music and they said that probably won’t work because it need to identify the correct music signal and create that handshake. Otherwise, you get a very loud digital noise through the speakers so they prefer outputting silence until they get a positive digital identification.

I have noticed this on other devices with the MX170, for instance, when I have my PC connected to it via HDMI anytime the computer makes a sound the sound it misses the start of the sound and it only catches the last bit. It’s like whenever something is not playing it disconnects and then has to reconnect for every sound the PC makes, which if it’s just a quick sound effect, it misses the first split second of every sound effect.

Now, if it’s a consistent stream, for instance, if I’m watching YouTube, everything everything plays very well once playback has started. Or if I’m playing music off of my Titan once the music has started and songs continue to come within that stream there is no sync problems or missing audio. It’s just upon that initial identification of the data stream, once you start a new data stream, it has to re-identify what type of digital signal and that takes a split second.

So I’m wondering if you guys know of a solution or a technique to solve this. But the re-sync delay doesn’t seem to work in this application because what I’m experiencing is the signal is delayed for that length of time and then the MX still needs to identify the data stream and clips the music anyway.

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Hardwired Titan

Hi @Matthew_Bakker,

Thank you for your post. This implementation is specific to this McIntosh device, now out of production, and not something Roon can wholly influence. That said, I’ve escalated internally to see if our Partners or QA team has any known workarounds for their proprietary resync behavior to prevent clipping or digital artifacts in Roon.

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Hi @Matthew_Bakker,

Our Partners team confirmed that this is specific to the implementation for this device’s USB input and outside of Roon’s control. If resampling within Device Setup to the same sample rate still requires the device to resync with every track transition, I’m afraid we don’t have any further workarounds to provide.