Audio Synchronisation

Roon Core Machine

A new NUC i7

Networking Gear & Setup Details

NUC connected via ethernet to hub

Connected Audio Devices

Specific speakers:
Bowers & Wilkins Flex (wireless)
Bowers & Wilkins Audio (ethernet) connected to amp/speakers

Number of Tracks in Library

About 5000 tracks ripped using Roon

Description of Issue

When I listen to music through a group of speakers within Roon (i.e. the B&W Flex and the B&W Audio mentioned above) often the playback starts out of synchronisation (i.e. there’s a noticeable delay between one speaker and the other. If I immediately pause playback and restart, the streams are synchronised… Sometimes when the track changes, the stream is again out of sync and then the pause/play trick needs to be done again…

Why is this and more importantly, how can I stop the loss of synchronisation occurring? It’s starting to get annoying!

All thoughts/suggestions gratefully received.

Hey Edward, thanks for reaching out! You might want to adjust the resync delay, there’s more on that in this article in the Resync Delay section.

Thanks for the response. However this seems to be a means by which a standard delay is added. As I mentioned in my question, the delay happens initially but then when paused and restarted, the delay isn’t there. Moreover, the delay isn’t always there when I start a stream. So if I were to add a delay on purpose, I’d always have an issue… what are your thoughts?

Not quite, sometimes an endpoint can take a bit to lock on to a new audio stream, which sounds like what you’re describing here:

Adding a delay gives your endpoints some time to agree with each other and play in unison. :slight_smile: Can you give it a shot and let me know how it goes? Start at 500ms and gradually increase from there.

Will do! I’ll keep you posted. E

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Hi @kevin should I add the 500ms delay to both devices in the group or just to one of them? Possibly this is a silly question! I’m guessing that if I apply a 0.5s delay to one of the devices this guarantees that they’ll be out of sync always. So I presume to both devices. But wanted to double check… E

Not silly at all, add it to both devices.

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It appears to be better. Thanks Kevin. I’ll keep monitoring it but the 500ms delay appears to have improved things. I’ll keep listening and if I run into more problems I’ll drop you a line! E

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