Audio Visual Preamp

I am considering splitting the “front end” of my system taking all video (HDMI) outputs to a processor with audio going straight to my (stereo) power amplifier/subwoofer & video to my projector.
I definitely don’t want or need built in power amplifiers so I am really just looking for a processor but after a couple of days of browsing I can’t find anything costing less than £2 - 4k. My budget is around £1k but am prepared to move a little either way (Video gets used 2-3 times/month).

Any suggestions recommendations would be welcome.
Thanks in anticipation. :+1:t3:

Emotiva and Outlaw Audio used to have decent processors in your price range.

I just checked their sites and it seems they both have stocking issues. Probably something to do with Covid related chip shortages.

Are you in a hurry?

I have an Onkyo receiver with pre-outs that I pass to my pre-amp that has an HT input. That’s just the fronts of course; the other channels are handled by the Onkyo. Works for me.

Hi “slim”
thanks for the response, i’m not in a hurry but new device would simplify my existing problems & keep audio/video separate.

Slim no longer exists. I’ve taken over his awareness.

Ok, apologies.

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Do you need a processor that has full 5.1/7.1 outputs or will a 2.1 processor (with multiple HDMI inputs) work? And are there any deal-breakers in terms of features the processor must support ie. number of HDMI inputs, codec handling, a particular flavour of automated Room EQ etc.

For a basic processor with 6 x HDMI inputs and 7.1 balanced outputs the IOTAVX AVX1 may be worth a look. No-name Room-EQ (EQFLEX?) and a fairly basic interface, but ticks most other basic boxes and includes a ‘SOURCE DIRECT’ mode for straight stereo passthrough. The IOTA units seem to be built around the same OEM boards the Emotiva and Outlaw Audio products use.

Failing that I’d look at the used market, maybe one of the older Marantz processors. Or if you can live with HDMI1.4 (ie. no 4K) then a used Denon 500AV — which regularly turn up cheap on eBay — may fit the bill.

But if you don’t need balanced XLR outputs then the simplest and most cost effective route would be to get a regular AVR with pre-out and go with that. If you only need stereo pre-outs, rather than 7.1, your choice of suitable AVRs will be even wider.

Due to the limited market for processors and hence production runs, processors will alway be more expensive that their AVR counterparts. So getting an AVR (with pre-outs) rather than a processor, will almost certainly work out cheaper – even if you don’t use the built in power amps. The main difference with standalone processors is that they tend to have balanced XLR outputs, whereas AVR’s only have unbalanced RCA pre-outs. Other than that they often share the same circuit boards, components and features.

Thanks @J_a_m_i_e
I am just segregating audio & video to simplify operation, all I need is 2.1 & the IOTAVX appears to offer all that I need. This will allow me to keep the Audio/Video pre-amplification separate and send signals straight to the power amps.
I will have a closer look at the IOTAVX with a view to purchasing, many thanks for the “heads up.”

EDIT; unfortunately the IOTAVX AVX1 is sold out, back to square one :roll_eyes: