Audio zone disappeared [Solved]

I just had an issue not being able to login to Tidal from an ipad mini remote. I am running Roon server on a mac mini, and ended up re-installing Roon in order to access Tidal. Now my usual audio zone has disappeared and I can’t figure out how to reconnect it.

BTW, I have paid the full $500 for a lifetime license and am starting to feel very nervous that I will continue to have this sort of problem. Please help ASAP.

@Matt_Bailey have you enabled it? Go to settings then to the audio tab where you should see your zone listed? If it is not enabled then you will have an enable option.


In the settings tab I see System Output, Built-in Output, and HDMI. I am using a DAC connected by USB. Should I enable Built-in Audio? I remember seeing something different when I set it up initially.

Is your DAC powerd on with USB input selected ?
USB zones disappear when the DAC is off or turned to another input. This isn’t just Roon, but (I believe) all USB players.

The articles and links on this page should help you setup your Audio right.

No. My DAC is a Simaudio Moon 300d. Not powered by USB. The only zones showing up on the settings page are System Output, Built-in Output, and HDMI. None of those seem correct. What am I missing?

Solved. For some reason the Mac Mini wasn’t seeing the USB device. I restarted the computer and it appeared. Everything works now.

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