Audio Zone disappears

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Apple MacBook is used as the Roon Core running version 1.6 build 416 (Pro 2017 core 2.3 Ghz i5 8gb ram 58/121 GB storage free; Mojave 10.14.6).

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Music source is Tidal with MacBook set up on ethernet link. WiFi is disabled. Music streamer is Linn Majik DS also connected by ethernet.

Linn plays through Naim amps into PMC speakers.

Description Of Issue
When the Linn is recognised it is shown as a networked device in audio and a Linn logo appears. Either with or without music playing the zone disappears from the Roon audio screen, leaving only the MacBook as a recognised zone. I have disabled all other zones.

Looking at the Linn screen, it displays “Roon” with a spinning timing symbol.

I can only get the zone back in Roon when I turn the Linn off and then on. Stopping Roon and restarting does not “find” the zone.

I have used Liin Kazoo playing through wifi from an iPhone 8plus and there are no issues.

I cannot use Roon with wifi because the music is constantly stopped and started when the computer tries to process other activity. The wifi signal is also not so strong in the location used for music.

Hi @Simon_Barnes,

What kind of router are you using? Are there any switches being used here?

Does this behavior occur with any other zones, or just the Linn?

Hello Dylan
I’m using the latest BT Hub as my router. That goes into a Netgear GS105 gigabit switch and then from there via a Solwise homeplug in that room to another room where two separate home plugs take ethernet to my Mac and Linn. The only other zone is the MacBook and that remains.

I have removed the switch as I’ve just seen I have a spare port to go straight from the router to the solwise. No evidence of any change to behaviour from doing that as yet!


Hi @Simon_Barnes,

Generally, as noted in our Networking Guide, we recommend against using powerline adapters as we’ve seen them cause issues similar to what you’re experiencing here. Just to verify, you bypassed the powerline adapter during this test too, correct?

Hi Dylan,
No I haven’t bypassed the power line adaptors. But I will find a way to do that to test that part of the system. They have always been used by the way since my membership started. Can’t recall when that was but it was at least over a year ago and there have been not issues up until now.
I’ve also been onto Linn technical support and got everything working through Linn Kazoo. It’s just Roon that doesn’t work now.


Hi Dylan,
You were right. I set up a direct cable link from router to Linn and all works! Not sure why I didn’t have any issues until now, but there you go!

Just one other quick question. Any ideas why the music continually has short breaks then starts again when my MacBook is on wifi as opposed to direct connection. Signal is strong. Tends to happen more when I’m using computer for other tasks at the same time. Processor or memory issue? Any suggestions to solve other than wired connection?

Many thanks

Hi Dylan,
Reference my last question on wifi. I have a BT Complete “mesh” system with one hub in the room next to the one playing music. I’ll move it into the room to see if that makes any difference.


Hello @Simon_Barnes,

Thanks for the updates, let us know how your testing goes.


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