Audio Zones Repeatedly Not Available

Since the update 1.8, my Win 10 zone has repeatedly not displayed and I’ve done everything from restarting the app to rebooting the machine to reinstalling my audio interface (NI Komplete Audio 6) to make it show up again.

This has been extremely frustrating but have always dealt by switching over to my FiiO M11. But this morning this also happened on my FiiO M11.

I used the Win app to kick off an album on the FiiO M11, noticed that the device was not playing the correct track, but instead showing what was previously queued. I also was unable to access any of the controls on the FiiO (no play/pause, back or forth). When I selected the album directly from the FiiO, it did the same thing. So I rebooted the FiiO and now it is also not showing as an available audio zone.

I scanned over the forums hoping to find a fix for this specific issue, but did not see one. Very much hoping someone can help provide one as right now, I can’t use Roon on my devices and have no choice to use some other alternative. Extremely frustrating.