Audiobyte and Rockna roon ready

dear all, I would like to understand if the Rockna and Audiobyte equipment are Roon Ready certified in particular the new Audiobyte HUB it’s very interesting streamer with I2s output that I woldu like to use with my Rockna wavelight DAC, but it’s time to understand if this new gear is really tested and ceritfied.

Since today i can’t see the 2 logos on roon ready partners webpage and this is already a partial answert… but anyway could be in the near future? Rumors or official news about?

I don’t believe Roon will comment on such things.

You need to ask the vendor of those devices.

Based on the following quote from the Audiobyte web site, I’d be careful with this manufacturer.

This seems to imply it is Roon Ready, but nowhere on the website, that I can find, does it say Roon Ready and it isn’t in Roon’s list.

I expected this answer, in theory if Audiobyte started the Roon certification of the HUB will not “sensitive” information to declare that, just transparency for me… as not a certification but a first step in the direction to achieve, sure.

I’m also looking for the HUB users and ask they listening experience and configuration issue or functionality.

This is all.

The info on their webpage states that the HUB will just act as a USB-DAC once connected - just like many other USB-DACs which don’t necessarily need to be Roon tested or ready in order to work.

Unfortunately, Rockna are not overly verbose about their USB implementation, so there might be glitches depending on the OS you’re using for your core.

Looking at its specs, I’d recommend to use Roon DSP volume with 64 bit precision rather than Rockna’s implementation with 32 bit precision…

yes but the DSP can be switched off (bypassed).
The HUB is only a transport, the input can be from USB or Ethernet and the very interestin thing is the I2S output to the DAC

Now I’m using with roon the Gustard U18 DDC and sound very well, better than direct USB and also the SOtM sMS Ultra as roon endpoint and then via USB to the DAC.

if you see the wrote: " IS IT A NETWORK STREAMER?

YES. Just connect your HUB to the network and will become endpoint for your Roon server, HQplayer network audio adapter, Airplay and DLNA renderer."

Roon Endpoint… this is the questionmark for me.

They’re not listed as Roon ready and don’t carry that logo on their website either, so can’t be using RAAT protocol over Ethernet - your only option is to use it over USB, where it’ll behave like a DAC.

As an owner of an Audiobyte Black Dragon since many years i have a lot of confidence in Nicolae Jitariu and his brands Audiobyte and Rockna. Alas, he represents a small manufacturer brand and i would wait until the streamer is officially Roon Ready, never buy on promises.

I have also had a Rockna Wavelight in my system for a couple of weeks and liked it a lot, even if i didn’t think it was worth the extra cost over the Black Dragon (which is a really good DAC for it’s money!)

Ah this sound new for me, so no roon ready certification means no ethernet access to the streamer? I would like to know to the new Audiobyte HUB how they connect the equipment to roon rock and DAC. Thanks.

Why not reach out to them to get a definitive answer?

I wrote to the dealer/distributor in my country, waiting for a feedback.
but… better know all the opinion in detail to have a more complete “picture”… :innocent:

Update after Munich High End 2022, quickly speaking with rockna guys, they demostrate that Wavelight servers worsk with roon via ethernet and then trough I2s to a Rockna DAC, I suppose the new Wavedream 2.0 They show me the tablet with roon remote to manage all the system in Munich.

Speaking about roon ready certification they just aswert that “we will done soon”, but looking into they eyes don’t convice me at fully. :innocent:

I think the best is make a test when the Audiobyte Hub and Waveligh server will available on the dealer here.

Also true is that if it works is not the same thing that the Roon Ready certification it means future support for the equipment.

The Audiobyte HUB uses the roon bridge. I assume the Wavelight servers will do the same (BTW they are still not released…). End of story. I highly doubt they will make any certification.

wavelight uses Roon Core with FPGA upsampling, a world first. Congrats for great unit.

Not sure it is the Grimm MU1 been doing it for a number of years.

grimm has no I2s out